What are we really going to do?

Coaching is fun, inspiring, purposeful, and fulfilling.  The relationship that I create with my clients is a powerful alliance – a partnership – designed to allow you to better manage your life as a bride, create greater fulfillment in planning your wedding, and clearly define, design, and experience the wedding of your dreams!

I use Core Energy Coaching, which means that we, as a team, will tap into your inner purpose and passion and connect that with your outer goals for yourself as a bride, to bring about extraordinary and sustainable results – not just for your wedding, but for your entire life.

My coaching style is a unique blend of compassion, intuition, and snark that I use to help my clients accomplish their inner desires, while having fun and staying sane.

I believe that bold self-expression is the most freeing way to live and is the greatest strategy for bridal success.  I also believe fun, humor, and enjoyment can, exponentially, enhance the wedding planning process and the wedding day.  I use these guiding beliefs when working with clients to create their wedding.


Step-by-Step Process

I use an 8-step process during one-on-one personal coaching sessions, that take place via telephone, in a fun, confidential, and nurturing virtual environment.

Step 1: Ditch the Dull & Grow the Glow – we’ll identify pains and current throughts, feelings, and actions that might prevent you from having the wedding you want

Step 2: Grasping Your Inner Glimmer – we’ll do some discovery of WHO you really are, so you know your “non-negotiables” for the wedding

Step 3: Shine by Design – we’ll create a vision for what you really want your wedding to look like

Step 4: Plan to Sprinkle on the Twinkle – we’ll create a wedding plan that honors who you are, what your values are, and your true vision for the day

Step 5: From Dreaming to Gleaming – we’ll begin implementing the plan for the wedding you’re dreaming of, using powerful, confident strategies

Step 6: Creating the Confidence to Ensure Your Shimmer isn’t a Sham – we’ll partner and work together to BE the bride you want to be, while you execute and follow through on your plan

Step 7: Being a Sparkling Bride – we’ll ensure you’re completely confident and ready for a fun, stress-free wedding day

Step 8: Maintaining Brilliance – after the wedding, we’ll meet, once more, to explore what you’ve learned about yourself, reflect on how much you’ve Grown your Glow, and ensure you have all the tools you need to mantain the inner sparkle you’ve found

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