Bridal Coach, Raechel Anderson Dressler, knows all about the fun and excitement of the wedding experience.  She also knows all about the frustration and overwhelm of being a bride.  She’s been through it herself – in fact, she’s a Recovered Bridezilla.

Raechel’s Story…

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My wedding day was the worst day of my life.

When I was planning my wedding, I was always stressed out, working way too hard to make everyone happy, and trying to balance life, family, work, and my own desires for my wedding.  I kept thinking, “This is supposed to be fun!”  So, I tried harder to enjoy myself while I was doing my wedding planning.  But, what ended up happening, was that I began obsessing over the details, shutting others out, and trying to control all aspects of the wedding, in order to make it perfect.

That resulted in disaster.  I was anxious, edgy, and miserable.  I didn’t feel supported, so I was snappy and abrasive to family, friends, wedding participants, and vendors.  As a result of that, people weren’t inclined to accommodate my wishes and didn’t cooperate.   I began gaining weight and getting sick, since I was eating poorly and not exercising.  I wasn’t productive at work, or anything I did, for that matter.  I felt like a huge bundle of angst, walking around with a permanent scowl on my face.  Relationships were damaged.  Money was wasted.  Most importantly, memories of my wedding day were devastated.

In hindsight, I realize that I was the epitome of a Bridezilla.

Years later, as I was finishing my life coach training, I realized that my wedding was a microcosm of what was going on in my life, at that time.  I began to imagine what my wedding would have been like if I had the life and leadership skills and tools that I had been trained to use with my clients.  What a huge difference it would have made in my wedding planning experience and wedding day!

My mission, as a coach, is to spare other brides the pain that I experienced, when I was a bride.  I do that by helping brides, who might be facing overwhelm and stress, relax and get things under control, so they can be confident, have fun planning their wedding, and *sparkle* on their wedding day.


A Sparkling Bride…

  • is stress-free
  • feels happy, light, and joyful
  • accomplishes tasks efficiently
  • has more time to care for herself
  • has increased confidence and feels empowered
  • stays healthy and has time to care for her body
  • saves money as a result of quick, confident decision-making
  • has a natural glow, as a result of no physical drain from stress and imbalance
  • is able to continue to generate her income and perform well in all of her activities
  • has a deep, spiritual connection to her wedding, as her inner passion and purpose manifests itself in her wedding plans

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